4 Important Reasons Why You Should Have a Profile On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has the highest number of organic views

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1. You have an online version of Your Resume / CV

LinkedIn is fundamentally an online version of your resume / CV. With LinkedIn, you have the alternative to send the URL of your LinkedIn page to potential employers or business partners, instead of a physical resume.

2. You can apply directly to job opportunities

You can look and apply to openings for work on LinkedIn. Rather than emailing your CV, you can apply to occupations on LinkedIn with just a click. LinkedIn has a feature called Easy Apply. All you need to do is click “Easy Apply” on the job you are interested in, and a Resume will be created for you and sent to the potential employer.

3. Jobs can come to you

Case in example, my recent paid consultancy. Potential employers can see your LinkedIn profile and may contact you when they see you are qualified for an opening at their organization. By making a LinkedIn account, jobs or paid gigs could come to you!

4. Set Yourself Apart

Having a LinkedIn profile demonstrates that you are open to new opportunities. You are separating yourself from other people who are as qualified as you are, but do not have a LinkedIn profile.

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