This is awesome, James. Thank you for volunteering to the great cause.

While on Medium, I have learned that one of the most efficient ways to get more eyes on your articles is by submitting them to a publication. It is usually best to do so while they are still in draft form so that the publication hits the publish button for you.

The reason for this is Medium organizes content according to the date it was published so posts written earlier might not appear on the front page.

I really love your article, and think it would have been a great fit for “A Few Words” by S. Stefan Karabacak. I have not yet written for them but I looove reading posts there. :)

Here is a great list of Active Medium Publications that are accepting new writers, compiled by the awesome Casey Botticello that I think you might be interested in.

I am cheering you on, James! Keep it up!

Passionate about Mental Health. Avid reader trying to find my own writing voice. Top writer in life, love and relationships.

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