And what you can do to decide whether to salvage your relationship.

“And all those “and they lived happily ever after” fairy tale endings need to be changed to “and they began the hard work of making their relationships happy.” — Linda Miles

One of my favourite movies of all time is a Disney-produced cartoon called Anastasia. When her family is killed…

Phoenix Mosher overheard it first from a pastor — compatibility is based on life seasons.

Compatibility is an achievement of love; it shouldn’t be its precondition.” — Alain de Botton

I recently shared an article on the common traits shared by couples who are committed to their emotional healing.

In the article, I mentioned that for happy and fulfilling relationships, it is vital that both…

And how you can adopt their secrets to improve your own relationships.

“Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess.” — Sabrina Carpenter

Ariana and Alex are a couple that spews confident inspiration for lovers everywhere they go.

When I talk about feeling inadequate or insecure on a personal level, many people I know can relate. Especially when it comes to…

Sometimes, it is better to throw in the towel than be in a loveless relationship.

“Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.” — Rebekah

I love romantic movies. I especially love them for their happy endings.

Recently, I watched Love Hard and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My partner predicted the whole storyline…

Motivation is what gets the relationship started, habit is what keeps it going.

“Those who are the happiest are not necessarily those for whom life has been easiest. Emotional stability results from an attitude. It is refusing to yield to depression and fear, even when black clouds float overhead. It is improving that which can be improved and accepting that which is inevitable.”…

And how anyone can adapt them to improve their own relationships.

“Life happens to everyone. We all experience emotional pain at some point and we’ll need to find the time and ways to heal ourselves.” — Maya Angelou

I recently shared a story about my friend Fiona and her partner who are struggling in their relationship due to failure to heal…

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